Precautions for the selection and use of industrial connectors
To choose an industrial connector, you need to do the following:
Which plug and socket need to be fixed? Which needs to be moved? Determine the use environment / determine the voltage and current parameters.

[1] plug and socket

Connect the power supply and the power supply to the two ends of a cable. At both ends, the plug or socket of the industrial connector is separately installed. When selected, this is the same as the wall socket at home or the terminal block. Consider who is mobile and who is fixed.

Look at some specific application places.

[2] Classified by usage environment

The description of the environment is divided according to the IP rating as usual.

[2.1] Quick connect type

In such a place, the environmental conditions are relatively loose, and more emphasis is placed on the convenient connection in the application.

Easy & Safe's quick-connect series, with IP44 protection, protects against liquid and solid interference in most cases.

The product itself is more focused on quick connection: easy ergonomics and reliable connection through ergonomic design in the shape of the plug socket, locking and unlocking.

Sectional view of the industrial connector plug

The wall switch for daily use, the chip plug and the reed socket, are suitable for places with low load current.

Poor contact often leads to potential failure risks such as fever.

The bushing pin structure used in industrial connectors has self-clamping characteristics and is larger than ordinary sockets in terms of contact pressure or contact area. This structure can effectively reduce the contact resistance and avoid malfunctioning heat.

[2.2] Heavy duty protection type

In more demanding industrial locations: high liquid spillover rates and high air dust density, we need to choose the heavy-duty protection product Tough&Safe series with protection levels up to IP6


The product itself often uses PBT material to resist

Introduction to PBT material:

(Information from Baidu Encyclopedia)

PBT Chinese name polybutylene terephthalate, referred to as saturated polyester, is a high crystalline thermoplastic.


1. Mechanical properties The tensile strength is similar to the tensile modulus and nylon;

2. The friction coefficient is small and self-lubricating;

3. Low water absorption rate;

4. Excellent electrical properties;

5, good dimensional stability;

6. Excellent chemical resistance and oil resistance.


1. Electronic appliances: no fuse disconnectors, electromagnetic switches, reversing transformers, appliance handles, connectors, housings, etc.;

2, the car: door handle, bumper, distribution plate cover, fender, wire shield, wheel cover, etc.;

3, industrial parts: OA fan, keyboard, fishing tackle reel, parts, lampshade, etc.

High-quality materials allow the rugged to adapt to harsher and more complex environments.

Sectional view

The Tough&Safe rugged version is equipped with two internal and external clamps, and the pin screws are all double screws.

Regarding the double screws, one of the internals of our company explained this:

If the chain of the Saint Seiya Glacier is actually a cable, the two pendants are an industrial connector, a socket, and a plug.

The nebula chain is big, and if it doesn't tighten, hey, fly out, isn't it awkward?


[3] IEC standard classification

Due to the numerous applications of industrial connectors, the use is also very different. In order to facilitate the selection and standardization, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed a selection "clock diagram".

This clock diagram is mainly designed according to the relative position of the keyway and the grounding pole.

IEC 60309-2 "Clock Diagram",

According to the CEE/IEC standard, only plugs and sockets with the same number of poles, voltage, frequency and rated current can be connected.

The disc is divided into four turns:

The innermost circle number is 1-12, which is the same as the watch scale.

The letter h in the center, there is a small jiujiu directly below, the small jiujiu corresponds to the keyway on the socket.

The keyway of all industrial connectors is at six o'clock.

All industrial connectors have a grounded jack/pin.

Based on the keyway, the ground pin is at the time of the clock, and there is a corresponding code in the model of this connector.

Grounding, arranged according to pre-divided voltage and frequency regions.

Three circles to the outside are different pin classifications

Corresponding to the three pin classifications of 2P+E, 3P+E, 3P+N+E.

Each sector has a different color

Color is related to voltage and frequency.

Look at the real thing

[3.1] Grounding foot protection

There are three types of pins/pins for industrial connectors.

2P+E: L, N, PE

3P+E: L1, L2, L3, PE

4P+E: L1, L2, L3, N, PE

Each pin has a clear identification polarity.

All connector import keyways are at 6 o'clock.

The applied voltage and frequency are different, and the grounding pin position of the connector is also different.