TXP3 Isolator Switch



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Product technical parameters

Product Introduction

TXP3 Waterproof load isolating switch/waterproof isolating switch/dust-proof isolating switch/weather-resistant isolating switch/waterproof switch is suitable for resistance or resistance&inductance hybrid circuits that require frequent on-load ON/OFF operation. It can be used reliably in lighting equipment and industrial machinery equipment, and also in direct switching of AC3 and DC3 motors. Its high switching ability ensures the reliability of frequent ON/OFF operation; when used as maintenance switch and insurance switch, three padlocks can be installed in the "O" part to ensure the personal safety of users.

TXP3 Waterproof load isolating switch adopts five-proof design, which has better waterproof and dust-proof function, can effectively prevent dust and oil pollution from entering, and will not affect the performance of the product in case of rainwater or strong sprinkler water; Also, it has anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, cold and high temperature resistance, anti-aging and other characteristics; It can satisfy all the increasing outdoor power demand of people, and perfectly solve the puzzlement of safe power consumption in rainwater, dust, freezing, high corrosion, strong ultraviolet radiation and other harsh environments, without affecting the performance of switches, reliable and safe protection, simple and fast operation, and can effectively protect the safety of people and circuits and facilities.

Model & SPEC Table

A V(AC) Article Number
3P 4P
10 230-440 TXP0-310 TXP0-410
16 230-440 TXP0-316 TXP0-416
20 230-440 TXP0-320 TXP0-420
20 230-440 TXP1-320 TXP1-420
25 230-440 TXP1-325 TXP1-425
32 230-440 TXP1-325 TXP1-432
32 230-440 TXP3-332 TXP3-432
40 230-440 TXP3-340 TXP3-440
50 230-440 TXP3-350 TXP3-450
63 230-440 TXP3-363 TXP3-463
63 230-440 TXP5-363 TXP5-463
80 230-440 TXP5-380 TXP5-480
100 230-440 TXP5-3100 TXP5-4100
125 230-440 TXP5-3125 TXP5-4125
150 230-440 TXP5-3150 TXP5-4150
△IP 65

Dimension diagram:gl001

Structure Diagram

Dimension diagram:gl001
Current(A) TXP0 TXP1 TXP3 TXP5
Dimensions a 80 101 116 160
b 101 126 176 240
c 66 86 101 122
d 35 35 35 37
e 60 80 90 142
f 60 115 165 193
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