PV DC Isolating Switch


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Product technical parameters

Product Introduction

DC isolating switch is mainly used for line isolation between components and inverters in photovoltaic power generation system. The waterproof property of the product reaches IP66. The inner core of the product can be installed inside the inverter for controlling the input line of the inverter.
DC isolating switch is suitable for isolation protection of lines with working voltage up to 1000V DC and rated current up to 32A, which realizes load interruption and effective isolation. It is mainly used in photovoltaic field.The DC isolating switch solves the problems that the insulation strength of the insulator decreases or the AC/DC short circuit accident occurs when the AC motor leaks electricity due to the damage of the insulator between the housing of the AC motor and DC decelerating mechanism or other reasons in the operation system of the DC isolating switch in the existing technology, effectively guarantee the safe operation of power supply rectifier equipment, to prevent major economic losses and personal injury.

Service Conditions

1. The altitude of sea level is no more than 2000m, and it requires capacitance reduction if above 2000m. For other special requirements, please contact Taixi Electric Company.

2. Ambient air temperature -25℃~+40℃. The average temperature of 24 hours does not exceed + 35℃.

3. When the ambient air temperature exceeds the range of -25℃~+40℃, please contact Taixi Electric Company.

4. The inner core of the product is installed in the distribution box, where waterproof measures should be taken.

Model & SPEC Table

A V(AC) Article Number
25 1000 TXPD25
25 1000 TXPD25-X
32 1200 TXPD32
△IP 66

Dimension diagram:gl003

Structure Diagram

Dimension diagram:gl003
Current(A) TXPD25 TXPD25-X TXPD32
Dimensions a 86 85 85
b 160 132 160
c 82 66 82
d 32 32 32
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