TXT Cam Switch


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Product technical parameters

Product Introduction

Cam switch/universal switch is a kind of manual switch. It is mainly used in the main and auxiliary circuits of low voltage engineering as motor switch, load switch and disconnector switch.
The design of the classical cam switch/universal switch is based on modular design concept. The contact layer is also called logic unit, which is assembled according to the circuit diagram and controls the movable contact bridge in the contact layer by passing through the axle of the cam hub inside the switch. The required position of these contact bridges is realized by the brake device placed in the brake layer (angle control layer) close to the contact layer. The switching angle of the cam switch/universal switch is determined by the brake device, which usually there are 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° angular positions.
  • Universal switch, widely used in control equipment, is installed on the control panel operating table.
  • Applicable to 1.5-4KW motors.
  • According to IEC947, UL, CSA, CCC.
  • The switch is composed of base/contact block, operation head and label.
Base/Contact block
  • Installation
    - Installed on the front panel by 1 or 2 nuts, or fasten the operator head on a hole ⌀22mm.
    - Bottom mounted on DIN rail or flat plate.
  • Contacts consist of a stack of block (two contacts per block).
    - Maximum number of contacts is 20
    - Maximum switching position is 12 (conversion angle 30°)
    - Switch position: 30°, 45° ,60° ,90°, with self-retaining and automatic return two kinds
    - Connection terminal: screw clamping type       
Operating head: Various forms, fixed to base/melting block through single hole ⌀22mm or four screws.
Standard H-handle
IP67 Protection Level (2 or 4 holes fixed with adhesive gasket)
Label: Standard label, Blank label, Customized label.

Model & SPEC Table

A V(AC) Article Number
3P 4P
10 230-440 TXT-310 TXT-410
16 230-440 TXT-316 TXT-416
20 230-440 TXT-320 TXT-420
20 230-440 TXT-320 TXT-420
32 230-440 TXT-332 TXT-432
40 230-440 TXT-340 TXT-440
63 230-440 TXT-363 TXT-463
80 230-440 TXT-380 TXT-480
100 230-440 TXT-3100 TXT-4100
△IP 65

Dimension diagram:gl002

Dimension Diagram

Dimension diagram:gl002
Current(A) TXT0 TXT3 TXT5
Dimensions a 101 116 160
b 126 176 240
c 86 101 122
d 35 35 37
e 80 90 142
f 115 165 192
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